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Riverside CA, Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Riverside, CA

If you’re lucky enough to live in Riverside, CA like we do, you know that the temperature can vary from a low of 43 in January to an average high of 95 in August. That is quite a difference! To keep your home comfortable you need an interior climate control system that can handle temperatures that can vary by as much as 30 degrees between day and night. Smart Choice can handle Riversides special Heating and Air Conditioning needs and is dedicated to great service, clean air and healthy homes.

If your AC or heater quits on you, getting it fixed quickly, inexpensively and correctly is paramount. This is why, If you are looking for the best choice, Smart Choice should be your “first” choice.

When you call us and invite us into your home we will provide a detailed description and explanation of what the problem is and the simplest and most efficient way for the problem to be fixed. After you see your options and hear the advice of our certified technicians you will be able to decide on how you want to proceed.

Because we are a full service Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning company in Riverside, CA we can provide every service from a 20 point tune up inspection to complete air conditioning/furnace repair and installation.

HVAC repair guarantee for Riverside, CA

At Smart Choice we treat our employees like family and they will treat you the same way. The technicians and staff at Smart Choice Heating and Air are a dedicated group of individuals that work together as a team to ensure quality work and your satisfaction. Everyone on our team is friendly and a fully certified Heating and Air Conditioning expert.  You can rest assured knowing that we can repair or install any HVAC system. Our team here is devoted to providing fast and accurate high-quality solutions without any surprises after the job is done.

Save energy and money in Riverside, CA

With January night time temperatures in the 40’s and August highs in the 90’s, the cost of heating and cooling a Riverside, CA home can get expensive. AND utility bills rates just continue to rise.

Smart Choice Heating and Air is an expert at improving the energy efficiency of your cooling and heating system. They can help lighten the load on your wallet and improve your comfort year round. A properly maintained or new system can easily pay for itself in no time. When it comes to saving you money Smart Choice Air Conditioning and Heating are your energy efficiency experts.

For Riverside, CA we are the Smart Choice.

Established in 2001 Smart Choice Heating and Air will work with you to solve your specific heating and air conditioning needs and work within your budget all while providing top class service and quality.

If interested, we also offer a number of affordable financing options on OAC.

For first time customers, please mention our website to receive a special offer.