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Smart Choice Tune Up

Our Goal


Prevent Inconvenient & Costly Breakdowns

Like automobiles or any type of machinery, AC & Heating equipment experiences fewer breakdowns if properly maintained. Lack of regular maintenance puts additional stress on your equipment which eventually leads to premature failures.

AC & Heating Systems operate an average of 3,000 to 4,000 hours per year in California. This is the equivalent of a car driving over 200,000 miles at 65 MPH in one year. Can you imagine anyone driving their car 200,000 miles without changing the oil?

Neglecting regular maintenance of AC & Heating equipment makes very poor economic sense.


    • Furnace & AC: Thermostat – Inspect for loose connections, calibration, and check for proper seal behind thermostat
    • Furnace & AC: Temperature – Split measure temperature difference between supply air and return air, ideal temperature difference should be approximately 20 degrees
    • Furnace & AC: Return Air Grill – Check for dirt and debris and bent fins
    • Furnace & AC: Check Filter – Replace customer supplied filter, or clean if permanent filter (FREE washable filter)
    • Furnace & AC: Return Air Duct – Check for dirt and debris
    • Furnace & AC: Air Distribution – Check for hot and cold areas
    • Furnace & AC: Electrical Parts – Check for connections and tighten
    • Furnace & AC: Run Capacitors – Check capacitance and oil leakage on all capacitors
    • Furnace & AC: Safety Control – Inspect and Test
    • Furnace & AC: Blower Motor – check amperage, maximum amperage rating, check for oil leakage from motor, check motor shaft for play in sleeve bearing, check retainer ring for excessive play, check blower wheel, balance and clear away any dirt buildup
    • Furnace & AC: Evaporative Coil – Inspect coil for any restricting debris and dirt
    • Furnace & AC: Condensate Drain – Inspect drain line and pan for buildup
    • Furnace & AC: Metal Duct Work – Inspect elbow and plenum
    • AC: Contactor – Check for discoloration and pitting
    • AC: Disconnect Box – Check for discoloration on fuse holder and wrapped plastic
    • AC: Compressor – Check starting, running amps, and terminals
    • AC: Freon – Check levels (Up to 1lb FREE)
    • AC: Condenser Motor – Check amperage, maximum amperage rating, check motor shaft for play in sleeve bearing, check retaining ring for excessive play, check for oil leakage from motor
    • AC: Fan Blade – Check blade for proper balance
    • AC: Condenser Coil – Check for damage fins and debris


Without regular and proper maintenance, air conditioning components become covered with dirt, debris and biological growth. As a result, the cooling system works harder, uses substantially more energy and compromises air quality.


Smart Choice’s Ultimate Protection Plan (UPP) provides you with two precision tune-ups of your AC & Heating System per year as recommended by equipment manufacturers. In addition, to longer equipment life, fewer repairs and greater efficiency of your system, you will also receive the benefits listed below:

  • 15% Discount on All Repairs – both Labor and Material
  • Priority Scheduling – move to the front of the cue!
  • 24 HR Emergency Service – we’ll be there when you need us!
  • 2 Tune-ups Per System Per Year